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Have you had it happen to you on hot days? All your expensive make up and serums ruined because of the heat? Or better yet your cell phone over heating rendering it unusable? Were you golfing, sitting by the pool on a romantic get away, attending an outdoor event, on a boat or just even existing in my home state of Arizona when it happened? As the creator of Bergy Bag I was tired of borrowing my daughter's emoji insulated lunchbox to keep my expensive cosmetics cool and safe from meltdowns in the heat. Bergy Bag was created because I needed a stylish solution to keep my meltables in tact while I was on the go in the hot, hot AZ sun. I made this cooling cosmetic bag out of beautiful scratch and water resistant saffiano leather to give it a high quality, elevated look and also made it functional inside with engineer designed insulating layers. Bergy Bag is where fashion meets function.

Open for Business Fall 2022

Female Owned and Funded


Patent Pending Insulating Layers

D ring connects Bergy Bag to your favorite bag or allows for accessories to be attached

Saffiano Leather can be seen on luxury brand bags such as Prada

Cools by Day, Clutch by Night

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  • Heather Dziedzic


    After graduating from ASU in the 1990s with a BS in Marketing, Heather worked for Enterprise Software companies and eventually owned a Property Management Company. During her career she’s kept pace in the well-oiled machine of a large corporation and knows the tremendous satisfaction of starting, operating and selling her own business. All these experiences are embedded in her business-building DNA. At this point in her professional journey she is combining passion with skill and experience. A Bergy Bag is all things she loves: fun, purposeful, stylish and full of adventure. She is a mother, wife and no stranger to adversity. At her core she is resilient and kind.



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