From the Founder

Hi, I am Heather, and I have lived in Arizona for over 20 years. Each summer I am deliberate in what I pack for the day in my makeup bag. Far too many days have ended with melted mascara, lip gloss, lip balm, and exploded sunscreen and serums. If my makeup bag was in the heat for too long the contents were destroyed.  And as I graduated from a flip phone to a smartphone the heat would cause my phone to stop working and flash a message that said something to the effect of "too hot to handle." I tried solutions to keep my essentials from having to be replaced, but nothing made me feel like the adult, businesswoman I am. My daughter's insulated emoji lunch bag wasn't sending the right message in client meetings or poolside while I was on a romantic getaway with my husband. I wanted something that was both stylish AND cooling. So, from that need Bergy Bag was created! For a couple of years, I pored over the details and construction of Bergy Bag spending countless hours sampling material, zipping zippers, snapping pockets, and testing cooling times to see the minute the ice pack should be rotated. It was important to me to have a quality piece so that your investment in both our bag and the items you put in would last. Our bags are made with Saffiano leather and are insulated, each comes with its own ice pack and fits perfectly into a pocket that says "'s cold in here". My hope is that Bergy Bag helps you keep cool, brings you joy, and adds a little elevated style to your day.

What's in a Name?

What's colder than cold? An iceBERG! And let's think of a clever way to tell people we are not just a stylish clutch, we have a cool secret - we are insulated and have a custom pocket for an ice pack.

BERGY BAG - now that's cold!