guacomole day


Growing up in Southern California avocados are a way of life.  Neighbors have trees in their front yard, family friends deliver them in large grocery bags to consume for weeks on end, and you learn the unique art of ripening them in a lunch sack. They are on every menu in one form or another. Even the baseball fields have “guacamole” to accompany their nachos.  Personally, I feel like the word is used rather loosely in this instance, I am not buying that it’s not just guacamole flavored water, but listen I still get the packet.  This SO CAL lifestyle has influenced food all around the country.  Avocados are in every bar, on all poolside menus and makes a glamorous appearance at California Cuisine restaurant. Joyfully, they are everywhere. And here I sit today as an adult and I am curious, how do you like your Avocados? 

For me it’s guacamole. Now it seems there are two schools of thought about guacamole: chunky or smooth like butta. From there it’s salt only or kitchen sink – onions, cilantro, tomatoes, pomegranate seeds, jalapeños…?  The combinations are endless and so, soooo delicious. It’s as if we can start our own bracket to see which combo will be crowned the Guacamole winner.  This super food is a giver no doubt. 

My happy place includes guacamole, fresh and simple paired with a hand-crafted margarita. It’s smooth like butta with garlic salt.  The salt and the garlic combined with the perfectly ripe avocado is pure bliss.  I serve it at parties, and my family always requests that I make the guac, it’s kind of my thing.   My plan, keep it simple.

Now don’t get me wrong I am all about a pizzazzed up bowl of guac.  At one restaurant they even had a bar…what a guacamole bar?! Hello heaven I hear ya knocking, I will answer, don’t you worry your pretty little halo.  You could add any ingredient imaginable – bacon uh, yum!, candied jalapeños – seriously?!, mangos – r u kidding me?!, strawberry balsamic, stop I can’t take it!

But I do take it and consistently each time a menu lands in my hands, readers slide on, I search for that phrase, “add guacamole for an extra charge”. 

In bags and belly laughs,