ValentiMe's Day

ValentiMe's Day

“What’s that holiday mom when you get all the candies?”, says the big green eyed beautiful child I get to call my daughter.  “Halloween?” I answer and say in my head…duh.  “No, the one that has the heart chocolates, and everything is red”. “Oh”, I say and apologize to her, again in my head, “Valentine’s Day”.  To which she replies, “Yeah ValentiMes Day, I like that holiday.” At this point I don’t have the heart to correct her, after all I have already insulted and apologized to her silently. And let’s face it, the mistake is darling in her little toddler voice. 

And so, it continued, each year she wanted to know when ValentiMes day was and then promptly delivered a list of all the potential gifts I could get her to celebrate our love.  This kid really loves Chocolate I thought, or maybe it’s the gift getting that’s the real driver here.  She IS full of love, but I am not buying that she lives for the day when a naked baby shoots arrows with heart shaped tips.  No, it’s the gifts I am convinced, I feel like gifts may be her love language.

One year I corrected her. “Honey, it’s ValentiNes Day not ValentiMes Day.”  She replied with a blank stare,” oh, okay”. I knew it didn’t stick. It’s been 8 years and this lovely holiday has been renamed by my daughter.

At this point she is in 4th grade so I’m thinking this has got to be the year she commits to the correct pronunciation.  NOPE, not gonna do it.  Once again ValentiMes day is upon us and I have a list of body washes and See’s candy lollipops that are to replace any words of affirmation, acts of service, or affection. 

So, grab your loved one, hold them super tight, and whisper in their ear Happy ValentiMes Day.