What makes a Hostess with the Mostess?

What makes a Hostess with the Mostess?

Do you have that friend?  You know one that is A MAZ ING at throwing parties?  When you get the invitation you jump a little, maybe even fist pump or wiggle your booty. I hope you are smiling thinking of who that is in your life. I have that friend.  Her dad calls her Debbie, I am sure some call her Deb but to me she is Debra.

Debra is a bundle of funny, positive, gorgeous energy on any day but let’s talk about what makes her the hostess with the mostess on party days.

To start she is a vegetarian, but that doesn’t stop her from serving the best roast beef out there.  Seasoned to perfection and cooked at the ideal temperature.  The takeaway here, she wants to have the food you like and there is zero judgement from this vegetarian that it’s beef and not a caprese salad. BTW that will be there too.

Now let’s move onto the decorations.  Balloon arches blown up and hung like a pro. Do you know how long those take to do?  People are hired for hundreds of dollars an hour to do what she does in…let’s just say minutes for dramatic flair. She will casually mention that she mixes and matches kits to get the “look” she wants.  Who does that? Debra does that who.

While she hosts several parties throughout the year let’s just use her New Year’s Eve party as our example.  The party is organized with the perfect flow of casino tables, photo booths (complete with NYE props), full bar – with a tender, caricature artists, games for the kids, and of course prizes for whoever can cash in the most chips at the end of the night. Fun and competitive for all ages.

As I observe her flawless decorations, her wonderful spread, her intuitive flow of tables and chairs and her generous prizes, what strikes me always is her unrelenting desire to connect each guest to one other. This ladies and gentlemen is what makes a hostess with the mostess.  I see the joy in her eyes as she moves through her gorgeous home introducing guests to each other. She explains their personal history and presents a fact that would bond the two she has just joined.  She smiles and floats to the next group satisfied that she helped fill someone up and make their night brighter. But her work here is not done, she is on to the next guest to repeat the handoff of connection and joy.

Oh I should also mention this chick is hilarious.  So these hand offs she does have a gift with purchase usually in the form of a funny (and sometimes racy story), joke or a one liner.  All followed by her face full of laughs maybe cracking herself up just as much as you.

As we enter into the new year if you are a Debra, I bend a knee.  I want you to know that your efforts are not lost on me and I admire how you make a great party look easy.  You are to be celebrated, admired and thanked.

In Bags and Belly Laughs,